Sierramont B


School Information:

Address: 3155 Kimlee Drive, San Jose, CA 95132
Phone: 408.923.1955
Grade: 8th
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Program Coordinator: Yesenia Ramos

Phone: 1-800-939-1640 x28


Review of Systems of equations with graphing

Review of the slope of a linear function

Worksheet on systems solution checking: Work on this worksheet with your student pair. The students have only learned how to solve systems by graphing, and have done mostly integer slopes (not much fractional).  They have also learned how to check a solution by plugging it in.




Soundtrack To Your Life Activity: The students and mentors imagine that they are making a movie about their lives and are in charge of creating the soundtrack and Album cover art on Adobe Connect.

Soundtrack To Your Life Activity PDF

My Plan for the Future and What I Want To Do Activity:  The students and mentors talk about goals and how to plan for the future. This activity is to help guide students into thinking about future plans, including college, and the concrete ways they can achieve their goals. Definition for Goalsthe end toward which effort is directed.

My Plan for the Future and What I Want To Do Activity PDF

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