Neha Ladha & Maria

    Neha Ladha & Maria CastilloWhat is your name? Neha Ladha

    Please tell us a bit about your history. Please include a bit about your educational background, your career path, and your family. Grew up in the state Rajasthan in India. My parents live in India. I came to the US to complete Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at UT Austin. After graduation joined as a Hardware Engineer working on Chip Design in the Bay Area.

    How long have you volunteered with We Teach Science Foundation? This is my first time volunteering with We Teach Science. Started September 2014.

    What are some ways you use math at your job? Geometry is very relevant to my work since we need to look and decide placement of various blocks of the design. In everyday life, math is very handy in calculating tips, splitting shared costs with friends, etc.

    Why do you like math and/or science? What is your favorite math or science memory as a student? My favorite math memory as a student is getting the hang of unitary method. It took me a while to get there but it was exhilarating to finally get it. This has been one of the most useful concepts to understand in math.When I say unitary method, I refer to the concept that If 10 apples cost $5, then what is the cost of 1 apple?

    What are some things you struggled with growing up? What was hard for you in school? What are some things that are challenging for you now? I found juggling so many courses together while excelling in each subject challenging while at school. But I also understand that the challenge enabled me to push myself more and hence get better over time. I think it is important to keep learning new things and building new skills. Sometimes, it is too easy to get into the comfort zone and stop pushing oneself. That can be tricky sometimes as a grown up.

     What are some of your favorite things to do? What were a few of your hobbies growing up? What are your current hobbies and interests? Growing up I enjoyed playing sports, so I have tried tennis, golf, badminton, and basketball during school days. Currently, I enjoy working at NVIDIA as a hardware engineer, playing badminton, and improving my public speaking skills.