Elsa Rodriguez & Marilyn

     What is your name?  Elsa Elena Rodriguez           

    Please tell us a bit about your history. Please include a bit about your educational background, your career path, and your family.

    I am from Mexico City and my family and I moved to the US when I was 7 years old. First we lived two years in West Virginia where I learned English and then we moved to El Paso, TX where I lived the last 12 years of my life. For my college years I attended UTEP (The University of Texas at El Paso) and studied Industrial Engineering. My first job was selling ice cream at a gelato shop, then working at my college library, then an intern at ATT, and finally after graduation my current job here in AT&T Dallas as a Process Manager.

    How long volunteered with We Teach Science Foundation:

    This is the first time I volunteer with We Teach Science, and I am enjoying it so far!

    What most appealed to you about this program?

    I know that it is very frustrating to not understand something in school and especially when it is Math. When I was in school and couldn’t understand something the best way that I survived was going to tutoring centers and asking for help. That is why I now want to give back and help in any way I can so that my student can hopefully understand what is going on in a clearer way.

    What are some ways you use math at your job?

    When we come up with a new process to reduce customers calling into U-verse and we have to measure our success and see by what percentages customers call less, etc.

    Who was your favorite math or science teacher? Why?

    Mr. Esparza ,7th grade math, because he was funny and would make jokes so we felt comfortable with him and could ask him questions if we didn’t understand something without being embarrassed.

    Why do you like math and science? What is your favorite math or science memory as a student?

    I like math and science because the answer to a math problem is either right or wrong. If you get a good grade it is not based on a teachers opinion but just depends on if the answer is correct or not. My favorite memory is finally understanding a problem or math lesson and feeling like “Wow!, this is actually easy” after having no idea what was going on.

    What are some things you struggled with growing up? What was hard for you in school? What are some things that are challenging for you now?

    At first it was hard because my first language is Spanish, and I also moved here from Mexico. So the hardest thing was adapting to a new school system and a new language.

    What are some of your favorite things to do? What were a few of your hobbies growing up? What are your current hobbies and interests?

    When I was little I would love to make music videos or movies. So I would get together with my friends and cousins and film either a movie with a script or scenes for a music video, and then edit it and show it to our parents. Now I still like doing that and I also really enjoy painting.